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Woman paddling with rented kayak from Squamish Watersports

Get Out On The Water In Squamish

Discover the ultimate adventure on the waters of Squamish with our extensive selection of watersports rentals in Squamish.

Whether you’re into kayaking, canoeing, foil boarding, kiteboarding, or boating, we have everything you need to enjoy the pristine waters of this beautiful region.

Rented SUP / Standup Paddle Board in BC


Kayak rentals in BC


Canoe ready to be rented in Squamish BC


Stand Up Paddle / SUP ready for rental in Squamish


Rent a kiteboard for awesome watersports adventures


Wingfoil rental in Squamish BC


Couple enjoying jetski rental in Squamish BC

Our team consists of watersport enthusiasts who are passionate about helping you have a memorable experience on the water.

Conveniently located in Squamish, we offer flexible rental periods and competitive pricing.

We prioritize safety with well-maintained equipment and adherence to safety guidelines.

Best Time For Paddling

The best time to rent paddle vessels to explore the Howe Sound is in the morning before the wind starts (before 10am) or later in the evening after the wind dies (around 6pm).

During windy hours, we recommend taking the paddle vessels to one of the lakes around Squamish such as Alice Lake, Brohm Lake, Cat Lake or Levette Lake. We offer inflatable kayaks and stand up paddle boards that can fit in your car.

Best Time For Wind Sports

In the summer months the wind generally starts around 11am and lasts until 6pm or sometimes later. These are the best hours for wind sports activities.

We offer wind sports rentals including wing foil gear and kiteboarding gear (including foil and surf boards).

Reserve Your Watersports Rentals

Ready to plan your watersport adventure? Contact us today for rates and to reserve your watersports rentals in Squamish.

Our friendly staff is here to assist you every step of the way.

Find us at 38124 Loggers Lane, Squamish, BC. We’re open 9am-7pm.